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Achieve Your Skin Goals With Moxi Laser At Bay Aesthetics Clinic

Conveniently located Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore to offer Sciton's BBL HERO and MOXI Laser treatment with high volume of treatments performed

Bay Aesthetic Clinic's Medical Director Dr Bernard Tan has been appointed Key Opinion Leader and Trainer for Sciton's BBL HERO and MOXI Laser

Kim Kardashian Says This Laser "Removes Sun Spots And Sun Damage"

What Is Moxi Laser?

MOXI Laser is a US FDA approved treatment developed and trademarked by Sciton Inc (Palo Alto, California, USA). This 1927nm diode fractional non ablative laser delivers targeted laser energy to address a wide range of skin concerns, including ageing skin, fine lines, pigmentation, melasma, sun damage and dull skin. Enthusiasts of MOXI Laser treatments include celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who recently shared her experience with the treatment.

Moxi Laser Areas Of Treatment

Kim Kardashian Moxi

How Does Moxi Laser Work?

MOXI is a 1927nm diode fractional non ablative laser that targets the water in the skin layer (Figure 1). It works by creating numerous microscopic areas of controlled injury in the skin, which triggers a rejuvenating wound healing process that causes the skin to generate new collagen and shed unwanted pigment. (Figure 2) This results in smoother, radiant and firmer skin. This treatment can be performed in all skin types (including darker skin tones), all year round and is safe and effective for melasma2,3.

The treatment is highly customisable and has 3 levels of intensity.

  • Level 1 Treatment

    A light "prejuvenation" treatment, suitable for a younger client (age 20-30) seeking to refresh the skin. No numbing cream is required and there is no downtime

  • Level 2 Treatment

    A moderate intensity treatment to revitalise and maintain, suitable for clients with more significant skin concerns. Numbing cream is recommended and skin will take 3-5 days to recover.

  • Level 3 Treatment

    A high intensity treatment that transforms and renew, for clients who have experienced a level 2 treatment before and are able to tolerate a longer downtime. Numbing cream is recommended and the skin will take 5-7 days to recover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment takes an hour- topical anaesthetic is applied for 20-30 minutes prior to the laser treatment which takes 15 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of Dermalux LED treatment to reduce redness and swelling.
Expect 2-3 days of skin redness, followed by another 2-3 days of skin renewal with a sandpapery texture and gentle flaking. Light makeup is allowed and clients return to office work and indoor activities right away. It is advised to avoid direct sun exposure or contamination for a week. Skincare that may cause irritation, such as Vitamin C, retinols and AHA/BHAs, should be stopped for a week
Results can be seen as early as 1-2 weeks after the first session. Typically, three sessions spaced a month apart are recommended. Thereafter, results can be maintained with treatments every 2-3 months.
This treatment is generally safe in experienced hands. A medical consultation and skin analysis will be performed prior to commencement of treatment. As with all laser treatments, there is a rare possibility of skin infection and post inflammation hyperpigmentation.
Yes! Certain treatments are commonly performed at the same session, such as Hydrafacial or skinboosters. These will be discussed during the consultation.

Who We Are

Bay Aesthetics Clinic and Medispa is doctor led Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic and Medispa that aims to provide quality treatments in a peaceful environment. We are conveniently located Medical Aesthetics Clinic which opens daily. Our Medical Director Dr Bernard Tan has accumulated significant experience with this treatment and has been appointed as trainer and key opinion leader- he regularly holds BBL HERO and MOXI laser workshops to share his expertise with fellow medical professionals.

Why You Should Do It In Our Clinic


Being a conveniently located Medical Aesthetics Clinic which opens daily, we have honed our expertise and know how to maximise results


We have trained extensively with this laser to ensure the risk of adverse events are kept to a minimum- we know how to optimise the treatment and avoid common pitfalls

Results Oriented

We are confident in the ability of our equipment and our skills to deliver results


Convenient location in Singapore's financial district, located within walking distance of 2 MRT stations, open daily


We uphold high standards for ourselves and attend international conferences and training to keep updated with the latest developments. Bay Aesthetics Clinic also regularly hosts BBL HERO and MOXI Laser workshops and hands on training for medical professionals.

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If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. Leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly.

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